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Welcome to The 8 Bit Studio, the source for news and information on the video game industry, and retro gaming. Some of the things that we do here besides the drinking and volgar language is gameplay, podcasting, the ocasional news on the industry, and maybe some live streaming of our podcast recording... who knows I'm not going to promise you guys anything. Also dont think that we will be giving apropriate reviews, and commitary... because we dont. I think that I also need to point out that because we have 8 bit in our names does not mean that we are limited to only 8 bit games. We focus mainly on retro games, and we have now included 360, and PS3 into this mix...but why??? They are still producing games for these systems. Lets face it, these systems are damn near ten years old and we have a new line of new gen consols available.

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How does Koji Imaeda plan to make a bang with his new project Mighty No 9. Can Mighty No 9 fill the shoes of Mega Man, and win over all of the Kickstarters that backed this project from the start?